Parent reviews for Dork Diaries 1: Tales from a NOT-SO-Fabulous Life (2023)

Jennifer H. Adult

January 31, 2021

age 9+

this series set our whole family back

My 8 year old discovered this series through a library recommendation bundle, probably because I mentioned she likes graphic novels and Babysitters Club. My daughter LOVED these books and gobbled them up over a couple of months, reading and re-reading them. I wasn't paying close enough attention to the content but I didn't have a good feeling about them. Then I noticed my daughter and her younger brother using so much more rude language, talking back, and then my daughter got in trouble at school for name-calling with friends. Finally one day she got mad at me and told me I was BRAIN DEAD. I stopped her in her tracks and asked her why she thought it was ok to talk to me like that. She went to her bookcase and grabbed the first Dork Diaries book and that was literally the first line in the book, the narrator calling her mother brain dead. Then I looked deeper and no more of those books are coming into our house. I know the purpose of a diary can be to vent and express negative emotions with words you would not necessarily use out loud. I don't think 3rd, 4th graders are sophisticated enough to tell the difference. Now I have to back track with my kids about respect, materialism, kindness, and appropriate language and fight against the image of cool tweeny Nikki that my daughter latched on to. I have learned my lesson about not previewing a series like this for my kids.

This title has:

Too much consumerism

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jfolkman Adult

January 15, 2022

age 15+

Dork Diaries is detrimental to girls' growth in self-confidence

Dork Diaries is centered in Nikki's crush on a boy named Brandon. The main character obsesses over Brandon, while neglecting her school work. The series sends girls the message that they need a boyfriend. It undermines everything we are trying to teach our daughters: to believe in themselves, and focus on doing their best academically.

This title has:

Too much consumerism

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Alyssa.118 Adult

November 6, 2021

age 12+

Very Bad

I found this book at the book shop, so I read a few pages, Nikki is a complete spoiled brat. She called her mom brain dead because she didn't get her a phone, her mom got her a diary and she's thought that there's a phone inside the diary. She calls the diary " Just A Stupid Book ", she writes about her story, her crush, Mackenzie, and her family. She only cares about her popularity level and her crush Brandon. She doesn't even care about her grades.

This title has:

Too much swearing

Too much consumerism

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MyHeroAcademia4Life Adult

August 7, 2021

age 10+

Hold on tight, this is gonna be long and ugly

I first readied this book series in 4th grade during a reading mission, I could read much more mature books, but I was at the dentist that morning and it was the only book left on my teacher's desk. when I was reading it then it was fine, I loved it and collected all of the books in this series, a few days ago I cleaned my storage room and found the box with those books, and decided to read them again. I was disappointed.Let's begin with that it's simply a rip off to one of the best children literature creations there is Diary of a wimpy kid (One of the reasons I wasn't too disappointed when the teacher handed me the book is the fact that DOAWK was one of the most popular books in my school). I will review Dork Diaries by comparing it to DOAWK1. StereotypesDiary of a wimpy kid presents stereotypes, but not too often, but Dork Diaries.... if it's not for the stereotypes, this book doesn't exist!!2. main character reaction to start writingGregory Heffley is a boy, boys don't suppose to write diaries, but he decides to slide it down and call it a journal, so he can save it to when he'll be rich and famous. Nikki on the outer hand is outbursting at her mother for buying her a lame gift instead of an iPhone (Also, too many brands mentioned in those books, what are you trying to do, get sponsored?). little respect, please.3. friendshipGreg fighting with his best friend Rowley once per a few books, but they always make up. same for his brothers, they are fighting a lot, but always know when they need to work together and do that, Greg never doubting himself when he's in a friendship crisis, cause he knows his friends and family are supportive. Nikki... this girl is a horrible friend. she always doubting herself, and somehow manipulate the people around her (and who loves a manipulative friend) also her relationship with her sister is terrible, no wonder Briana is still acting like she's acting next to her, she's starving for her sister's love and support!! 4. crush.Greg has a crush on a few girls during the books, one of the most known ones is Holly hills. he was in love with her for 3 books straight, but he didn't write about her obsessively. Nikki is ADDICTED to her crush. her words, not mine. I pretty much can guess that soon Nikki will become a Yandere and Murder anyone who dares to think about him (she's one step from that).5. proportions.Greg has trouble in his life, we all can see it, but does he spent the weekend staring angrily at the wall after an embarrassing event in school? does he crying like crazy if his friends not talking with him. no. but you know who does? Nikki. also, Mckenzie also displayed her eyesight as way too terrible, I mean, she's a 14-year-old girl!! what damage she can really do?! also, I think sometimes Nikki is meaner than Mckenzie!! I read book 9, and I'm almost believing Mckenzie's version of some of the events!!6. the author itself.I think jeff Kinney is a genius, Greg's character is based on the thinking line of teens and men all around, he doesn't too worried about popularity, culture, and girls, he even said he doesn't understand or care about that stuff, he's doing what he loves! Rachel Renne Russel doesn't really good at getting into teenage girl's minds. I think she watched too many tvs shows that present similar characters to understand it, but also the reality of those shows is row, maybe not anyone can write a diary...

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LucyAndtheDoggos Adult

February 6, 2020

age 18+

The last thing the world needs

The world already has too many problems and now this? No wonder some kids end up growing up like complete IDIOTS!!!!First of all there is too many brand naming what is this a publics discount magazine?This is aslo bad because Nikki thinks her family is horrible and brainless!!!This is showing your children to be disrespectful!!!!Another thing is that it is all about Nikki and Brandon this is so messed up!!And last of all Nikki cares too much about what people think and is OBSESSED with popularity and Nikki curses WAY TOO MUCH my daughter checked this out from the library and then when she read it out loud I was so disappointed and gave back the book the next day!!!

This title has:

Too much sex

Too much swearing

Too much consumerism

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Evangeline Kyrie Adult

December 13, 2019

age 18+

Burning Dumpster pile

Shallow, vulgar language,inappropriate and complete lack of morals and disrespect.

This title has:

Too much sex

Too much swearing

Too much consumerism

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SBell26 Adult

June 6, 2021

age 14+

Don’t bother

I picked up this book to include in my upper elementary classroom library, and I decided to review it first to see what all the hype is about. I will not be including it in my library because of the language (like “crud”) and the topic (Nikki is too caught up in trying to be popular by having the right brands & look, not necessarily anything about her personality). I stopped reading pretty quickly because even if Nikki has a redemption arc (which other reviews suggest she does not) it could never excuse saying “seriously mentally ill weirdo” (page 24).

This title has:

Too much consumerism

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StingRae Adult

July 8, 2020

age 8+

Shallow, stereotyping and stigmatising

On first look this series appears to be good easy reader books with fun pictures showing the trials and tribulations of a young girl finding her way in a new school. However, the main character, Nikki, is rude, shallow, materialistic and over dramatic. She constantly uses language that stigmatises disabilities and health issues as insults - “retard”, “mentally ill weirdo”, etc. which is an awful example to set young children. The series is obviously trying to be the “girl” version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid but the author has missed the mark by a mile. Unlike Greg, who usually gets his comeuppance for his bad behaviour, Nikki is portrayed as the victim and eventual hero to the very end. I am not one to discourage any child from reading but I find listening to my child reading these books very difficult. We are constantly stopping to discuss why the words and actions of Nikki are not acceptable. I can’t wait until she grows out of these books.

This title has:

Too much consumerism

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Thefunmomwholikesbooks Adult

(Video) DORK DIARIES: Unboxing ALL of the Dork Diaries Books in the Series (So Far) | LEMONERDY

February 10, 2020

age 18+

This is not bad it’s terrible!!!

It has too much brand naming and its all about Brandon which I just hate in some sorta way.My daughter had crushes normally but when I wasted my money on this book series she kissed a boy that did not even know that she existed , is this what we want are daughters to do?! this is a very hateful book and to top it off it was a ripoff of a great book.

This title has:

Too much sex

Too much consumerism

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GoldenFlower Adult

February 7, 2020

age 18+

Too much boy talk

It’s all about boys and more boys I don’t like this it teaches our daughters to be obsessed with looks and boys I flipped through the first pages and just hated it it also said a line like “A celebrity can be seen without panties and never without a cellphone.” I was gonna give this to my Daughter but instead I did not.

This title has:

Too much sex

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Is Dork Diaries appropriate for parent reviews? ›

Parents are buying this book for girls between the ages of 9 and 13. However, the vulgar language found in the book is not suitable for these ages. The book has some passages which degrade women for their body shape, size, and sexuality; some statements in the book are racists.

What age is the Dork Diaries appropriate for? ›

When you read the fine print on the back cover of the book, it says that Dork Diaries is for ages 9-13.

Is dork diary for kids? ›

Dork Diaries is a children's book series written and illustrated by Rachel Renée Russell. The series, written in a diary format, uses drawings, doodles, and comic strips to chronicle the daily life of its 15-year-old adolescent protagonist, Nikki Maxwell.

What is the plot of Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life? ›

Dork Diaries follows eighth grader Nikki Maxwell as she chronicles through text and sketches her move to a snooty new school; her epic battle with her mom for an iPhone; her enthusiasm for drawing and art; and a love/hate fascination with the new school's queen bee, a girl named Mackenzie, who becomes Nikki's rival in ...

Is Dork Diaries suitable for 7 year old? ›

The Dork Diaries reading level is perfect for kids 8+ and the diary book style makes them fun and easy to read.

Do Nikki and Brandon kiss in Dork Diaries? ›

Throughout the book Brandon becomes more and more guilty about the fact that their friendship is destroyed and regrets that he kissed Nikki on the listening party.

Which is better Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Dork Diaries? ›

The Dork Diaries books are only aimed at girls under 10. They make constant references to current trends. Diary of a Wimpy Kid has more complex and realistic characters. For example, Greg is shown to be a sociopath because of the abuse he had to go through in his dysfunctional family.

What reading level is Dork Diaries 1? ›

Shop by Program:
Reading LevelInterest Level
Tales From A Not-So-Fabulous Life Series: Dork Diaries (Book: 1) Russell, Rachel Renee 9781416980063 Fiction Hardcover5.44-8
Tales From A Not-So-Friendly Frenemy Series: Dork Diaries (Book: 11) Russell, Rachel Renee 9781481479202 Fiction Hardcover4.94-8
12 more rows

Why is it called Dork Diaries? ›

In 2008, when Rachel was trying to come up with a name for her book — a 14-year-old girl's diary — she thought of her own daughters' school experiences. “When Erin and Nikki were younger, they were called dorks at school,” Rachel says.

Why do people like Dork Diaries? ›

And the Dork Diaries books are perfect for whiling away those hot summer days. Part comic and part notebook-style novel, they're super-quick, hilarious reads full of detailed entries, drawings, and doodles from Nikki's day-to-day life, at Westchester Country Day and beyond.

Is The Dork Diaries Based on a true story? ›

Interview Highlights

"I'd say probably about 80 percent of what we put in the book series is true or based on a true story or incident that actually happened to [my two daughters, Erin and Nikki]. ...

Who does Chloe have a crush on in Dork Diaries? ›

Chloe's romance has been mentioned in the series. She shared with Nikki she had a crush on CCP Ryan Crenshaw.

Who does Brandon have a crush on in Dork Diaries? ›

Nikki Maxwell. The two lovebirds are stuck between being friends and a couple since neither of them are brave enough to make the big move yet. Brandon seems oblivious to return Nikki's feelings for him and confessed to her in Crush Catastrophe, telling her he likes her a lot.

Who does Nikki have a crush on Dork Diaries? ›

She lives in Westchester, New York. Nikki becomes very close friends with Chloe Garcia and Zoey Franklin, and develops a crush on Brandon Roberts.

What age group is Junie B Jones for? ›

By age 5, your child should have Junie B. Jones on their bookshelf. Children at this age are usually in kindergarten, and Junie B. Jones is any kindergartner's most relatable literary character.

Who is the boy version of Dork Diaries? ›

Patrick "Pat" Clark is a rich student at Westchester Country Day Middle School who is described as the "boy version of MacKenzie" by Nikki Maxwell as he is very rude to others. Pat was introduced in this blog and he has only appeared in one other one.

How old is Nikki Dork Diaries 14? ›

Nikki Maxwell

She is 14 years old. Her best friends are Chloe and Zoey (the best friends ever). She has a frenemy named Mackenzie Hollister, one of the main characters and the most popular(and annoying) girl in school.

Who is Max Crumbly's crush? ›

Max has a secret crush on Erin Madison. Max is fully aware about Brandon Roberts having a secret crush on Nikki Maxwell. Max likes to rap about his daily life when no one hears him. Like Nikki, Max is also a talented artist.

Who is Zoeys crush in Dork Diaries? ›

Zoey's romance has been mentioned multiple times throughout the series where she had a crush on Jason Feldman.

Do Nikki and Brandon get married? ›

Brandon and Nikki will be renewing their vows in an intimate ceremony witnessed by their children (Maddox, Hudson, Rhett, & Stella) and immediate family.

Who is the prettiest girl in Diary of a Wimpy Kid? ›

Baylee Anthony is the prettiest girl in Greg Heffley's grade. She appears in The Third Wheel.

Can a 13 year old read Diary of a Wimpy Kid? ›

The intended audience is kids in grades 3-7, or ages 8-12. However, many kids that fall outside that age bracket are reading and talking about this series. What's it about? It's about Greg, a skinny middle school student near the bottom of the social pecking order and his misadventures at school and at home.

Should a 13 year old read Diary of a Wimpy Kid? ›

The best age to start reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is about 10-years-old. The series is intended for kids from about 8-12 years old, but children younger than 10-years-old may struggle to understand the humor or to relate to the main character who is a student at a middle school.

What grade level is Junie B Jones? ›

Junie B. is a kindergartner in Books 1-17, and then a first grader, beginning in No. 18, She is funny, strong-willed, and prone to misunderstandings and mishaps.

Is there a Dork Diaries TV series? ›

Welcome to Nikki Maxwell's aDORKable world in the seventhbook in the mega-selling Dork Diaries series – now with over 45 million copies in print worldwide! OMG, Nikki Maxwell is getting her own TV show!

What happens in book 1 of Dork Diaries? ›

Nikki confesses all in her first diary ever: her epic battle with her mom for an iPhone, meeting her new soon-to-be BFFs Chloe and Zoey, falling for adorably sweet crush Brandon, dealing with her zany little sister Brianna's antics—and the immediate clashes with mean girl MacKenzie, who becomes Nikki's rival in a ...

Why does Mackenzie hate Nikki? ›

Mackenzie loathes Nikki and she is her arch-nemesis due to the fact Nikki is close with Brandon where she does everything she can for Nikki to be utterly stripped of self-respect so she could possibly have a chance with Brandon.

What is Nikki's real name in Dork Diaries? ›

Nicole Jullianne Maxwell is the main protagonist and narrator of all the Dork Diaries books, and was briefly mentioned in The Misadventures of Max Crumbly as "Brandon's friend." Nikki is a self-proclaimed dork and goes to Westchester Country Day on a scholarship, because her father is the school's exterminator.

Did Dork Diaries 15 come out? ›

Dork diaries 15: Tales from a Not-So posh Paris adventure is a book releasing soon in 2023.

Will there be a movie of Dork Diaries? ›

The 8th grade adventures of Nikki Maxwell are finally coming to the big screen as Summit Entertainment announces a new franchise based on Rachel Renee Russell's popular Ya novel series Dork Diaries. No director is in place, and casting is underway.

Is the author of Dork Diaries still alive? ›

Rachel Renée Russell (born March 13, 1959) is an American author of the children's book series Dork Diaries and its spin-off The Misadventures of Max Crumbly.

What race is the girl from Dork Diaries? ›

Rachel also intentionally made Nikki and her two best friends ethnically diverse. “Nikki Maxwell is Caucasian, Zoeysha Ebony Franklin is African-American and Chloe Christina Garcia is Latina,” Rachel says.

What is Chloe considered as in Dork Diaries? ›

Chloe is Nikki's boy-crazy BFF, partner in crime, and amateur romance expert. She's sweet, girly, really sensitive, and loves to read all of the latest novels. Chloe is very protective of Nikki and always has her back when the going gets tough.

What happens in Dork Diaries puppy love? ›

When the animal shelter Brandon volunteers at is too full to take a litter of abandoned puppies, Nikki decides to look after them until the shelter has more room. Simple. There's only one slight problem... her parents won't allow dogs in the house so Nikki has to hide them at home and take them to school in secret.

Is Nikki White in Dork Diaries? ›

You've talked before about how the Dork Diaries protagonist, Nikki Maxwell, is white, but you're African American.

What is the main problem in Dork Diaries? ›

Conflict. The problem of the story was that Nikki lost her diary because Mackenzie took it out of revenge. Mackenzie kept hurting everyone by taking Nikki's diary, writing bad advice to people on Nikki's Miss-Know-It-All column.

Did Chloe have a crush on Rachel? ›

The extent of Chloe and Rachel's relationship is never made clear in Life is Strange: Season 1, but it does appear from various actions and comments that Chloe had a crush on Rachel, whether that crush was unrequited or not. Rachel cared about Chloe to some degree to send her postcards that said, "Miss you.

Are Max and Chloe lovers? ›

Max and Chloe are childhood best friends who fell out of touch after Max moved with her parents to Seattle and rekindle their friendship during the events of the original game. They are long-time friends, regardless of Max's choices.

Who is Chloe's soulmate? ›

TOWIE fans have been desperate for best mates Chloe Sims and Pete Wicks to get together for years, and now Chloe has revealed that she sees her close pal as her 'soulmate'.

Who has a crush on MacKenzie Hollister? ›

She has an obsession with looking good, as she constantly spends her money on clothes, bags, and even lip gloss and constantly manipulates her crush, Brandon Roberts into liking her like every stereotypical mean girl.

Who is MacKenzie's best friend in Dork Diaries? ›

Jessica attends Westchester Country Day and is MacKenzie Hollister's best friend and does not like Nikki Maxwell so she is super mean to her. Her last name was revealed in How to Dork Your Diary.

What does Brianna look like in Dork Diaries? ›

Appearance. Brianna has brown hair that she wears in pigtails, fair skin, and possibly green or blue eyes. She has an angelic face that her parents and other people think is "cute".

What is Nikki's mom's name in Dork Diaries? ›

Maxwell is the mother of Nikki and Brianna Maxwell and has appeared in every book so far. Nikki describes her mother as "brain dead", although she loves her anyway.

What grade level is Dork Diaries for? ›

The Dork Diaries series has received two Children's Choice Awards For Book of the Year (5th/6th Grade Division) and a Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award nomination for Best Book.

Is Dork Diaries 7th grade level? ›

The stories are sequential in terms of character development but the main plots are relatively independent in each book. It's probably best to read these in order, but not critical. Ages 9-13.

How many pages are there in Dork Diaries Tales from a Not So Popular Party Girl? ›

288 pages

What grade is Nikki Maxwell in? ›

Nikki Maxwell is starting eighth grade at a new school—and her very first diary is packed with hilarious stories and art in this SUPER SQUEE updated edition of the first book in the #1 New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries series!

Who is the main girl in Dork Diaries? ›

Nicole Jullianne Maxwell is the main protagonist and narrator of all the Dork Diaries books, and was briefly mentioned in The Misadventures of Max Crumbly as "Brandon's friend." Nikki is a self-proclaimed dork and goes to Westchester Country Day on a scholarship, because her father is the school's exterminator.

What is the boy version of Dork Diaries? ›

Patrick "Pat" Clark is a rich student at Westchester Country Day Middle School who is described as the "boy version of MacKenzie" by Nikki Maxwell as he is very rude to others. Pat was introduced in this blog and he has only appeared in one other one.

What is Dork Diaries 15 going to be about? ›

Nikki Maxwell deals with the trials and triumphs of middle school in this fifteenth installment of the #1 New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries series! Will Nikki Maxwell and her friends make it to Paris in this next installment of the blockbuster Dork Diaries series?

What does LSA mean in Dork Diaries? ›

Library Shelving Assistants (LSA) is the group of library workers/volunteers at WCD and is incharged by Mrs. Peach.

What reading level is Dork Diaries Tales from a Not so best friend forever? ›

Product information
Publisher‎Aladdin; Illustrated edition (October 22, 2019)
Reading age‎9 - 12 years, from customers
Lexile measure‎740L
Grade level4 - 8
Item Weight‎3.53 ounces
9 more rows

What happened as Nikki was about to change out of the rat costume? ›

What happened as Nikki was about to change out of the rat costume? Chloe rushed in looking for Nikki because Brandon was threatening to leave. Someone behind her grabbed her tail and ripped it off. The zipper became caught in her hair, and she couldn't take off the costume.


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